F. A. Q.

If I have borders on my poster, what's the best way to remove them?
Paper strimmers would be best, but your average pair of kitchen scissors work fine. A big poster only takes twenty minutes or so to clip.
My poster is quite pixellated
There's nothing wrong with pixellated posters! However if you're going for that high-res look, try uploading a larger image, or reduce the size of your final poster.
How much do you charge to create a poster?
Nothing! You can create a Block Poster for free!.
What sort of paper is best to use?
We recommend good quality thick paper. Thick paper is less likely to curl up, and so is easier to stick together when creating a poster.
What is the best way to assemble the poster?
We like to assemble the poster on a flat surface, face down and use masking tape to stick pages together. This way you have a full poster that you can move around and position. This is not the only method, though. Others prefer to stick each page of their Block Posters up on the wall. Either way, it'll rock!
What happens to my pictures after I've made my poster?
Uploaded images are periodically deleted automatically.