show the world your block posters

If you've created a block poster you're proud of, email a photo of the poster to and it could get shown on here!

"Thanx blockposters, loving the site, i made this and used laminating film over it to make it luk more like a poster! very proud of it for first tym try."

- Ali

"From Le Samourai"

- Inene

"Nice, it makes my wall happy..."

- Laura

"Thank you Block Posters!

Now I can toast with Dave and Joey from Home!"

- Gregiam

"wow this is cool. my ink costs are going up. Thanks for the great tool."

- Rockfshr

"Hi, did this for my kitchen wall."

- Matthew

"First, amazing website - thank you very much. Second, my block poster is a painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec; the painting is called "Reclining Nude". I left the white borders as I felt it added something unique."

- Peter

"This is my first Poster and it worked just fine"

- Jonas

"Since i couldn't wait for 300 movie to come out so i decided to make a poster out of screen shot i took from trailer."

- Gurjant

"I took this photo when I was in Australia and I can't find any other picture of Sydney that I love more than this one that I took. I've always wanted a poster made of it but never wanted to invest the money. Thank you so much, it came out amazing and I finally have what I've wanted for so long."

- Aly

"I couldn't find any good posters on the net so I made one myself with your program! I'm really proud of it, Katee looks really good on my wall!"

- Rick

Joe's awesome Block Poster!

"i created this last nite using this website...sweet lil program!"

- Vic

"Here's a pic of my first poster, an inverted black & white rendition of a koi pond by a 19th century Japanese artist. Info about the original:

Thanks for the great web app!"

- Will

"Great webpage!

I have some giant murals the previous owner had painted, and I've been looking for a way to cover them up.

Unfortunately, one of them is a little more than 11 feet long, and the biggest I could make the picture was about 10'.

Here's one I made from a picture I made with photoshop. I did it as a "Test", so I left it as 4x2."

- Matt

"My daughter in Scotland"

- Anon

"hi this is a pic that my boyfriend took off me one drunken nite sitting on my wee boys dirt bike , i put cool effects on it with photoshop and came out with this , now i found this site and im totally chuffed with it thanks !!!"

- Andrea from glasgow

"excellent idea!, here's mine"

- Gil

"this program is what i've been waiting for !!!"

- Dadesigns

Sophia stood next to her cool Block Poster